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As I sit in my office, less than 100 feet from my house, the words from that old folk song run through my head. “Baby, It’s cold Outside!” Everything has a cover of white atop it, the snow is coming down fast – fast enough to cover up the recent footsteps left by one of our office staff who went home early because of the weather.

I consider my daughter’s invitation to dinner, and I am secretly happy that I really do not have to go out tonight. I really do not want to drive in this weather if I absolutely do not have to. I have already received calls from two different schools canceling their evening programs. My thoughts run towards the small gas fireplace in my living room. What can be nicer than the soft glow of a fire on a snowy night as I curl up with my books and course materials?

I am a perpetual student. When one course ends, I look to filling the void with the next one that commands my attention. I have endured crowded buses and subways, long drives in terrible weather, ice and snow, and uncomfortable classrooms in pursuit of knowledge. There is a long list of babysitters, horrible coffee from vending machines and I shudder to think of what used to pass as ‘food’ from some pretty shabby sources as I rushed after a full day of work to get to class on time. One such incident is still fresh in my mind despite the 30 or more years that have passed. Already late for class while it was pouring out and driving was treacherous due to the sheeting rain, I stepped out of my automobile into a six-inch pool of water that was supposed to be the parking lot.

Then I discovered Distance Education! What a treat! No tight deadlines, no missed classes because of traffic jams, sick kids, or unavoidable conditions. I was in Heaven. When I think back, I think of lost opportunities, of missed information and unsatisfied curiosity. I used to have to curb my insatiable quest for knowledge when something I learned triggered an interest in further information because the class was going too fast to indulge my curiosity. Distance education quickly showed itself to be my preferred method of study. I could follow “side streets,” indulge my fancies and still be able to get right back to where I left off in the course materials. Study time was a pleasure, not a ‘nose to the grindstone’ responsibility. I could pace myself, enjoy my studies and take exams when I was ready.

I could maintain a brisk pace so that I was never bored, but I was also able to slow down to a snail’s pace or repeat a chapter if I was having trouble understanding the concepts. More than once I would find myself burning the midnight oil as I studied enough background to be able to continue my course with a greater foundation of understanding.

If you have not studied through distance education, you may be in for a treat.

This type of education is for people who want to enjoy their studies, for people who can set their own pace and for people who have a passion to indulge their interest in an exciting subject. It is not for the procrastinator and it is not for the person who feels compelled to study but their heart is not in it.

Distance education can enrich your world if you chose to embrace the concept and enjoy the fruits of what you are learning.

Whatever the weather, I can continue my education in comfort and ease. I can eat well, cuddle up under a blanket, or study on a beach in a bathing suit. I control my educational activities; my educational activities no longer control me.

BIH Staff and Students at the Mutter Museum in Philadelphia, September 15, 2014.

BIH Staff and Students at the Mutter Museum in Philadelphia, September 15, 2014.

More than a dozen students from six different countries attended our most recent Clinical Training Session, either online or in class at our New Jersey Office, located close to Atlantic City, NJ.  We had two new clients, one on Saturday and one on Sunday – both were excellent cases for our students to work on.  Hands-on clinical training is so important for professional level studies!  Students were also treated to follow ups on the cases we had taken from the clinic that preceded this one.  Return clients were all doing very well.  Our students got a first hand look at a lot of improvement and forward movement that occurred when someone is given a good remedy.

The next day following our clinic, some BIH clinic students and staff went on a field trip to the Mutter Museum in Philadelphia.  The Mutter Museum has a wealth of medical exhibits that show various stages of pathology.  We all had a great time viewing some of the diseases that our homeopathic ancestors had much success in treating.  Students could see first hand what full blown tuberculosis looked like – after all, the disease was named due to the ‘tubercules’ that were formed.   We saw bones destroyed by syphilis and hypertrophy, which is  over growths of tissues that some diseases cause.  A good time was had by all. Everyone is looking forward to the next clinic and most of us are hoping we will cap the clinic with another educational field trip to help solidify our understanding of this beautiful healing potential that homeopathy blesses us with.

I am delighted to announce the The British Institute of Homeopathy has picked up the challenge to teach Classical Homeopathic Medicine in the 21st century.  This means we have formally submitted our application to the North American Accrediting body called ACHENA. 

Many changes had to be made to rise to this challenge.  Up until recently, distance education was not accepted for accreditation in many areas.  Yet distance education fills a real need for many aspiring students.  Anyone who has the care of young children or elderly adults often finds it hard to travel to a four-walled school.   The British Institute has many professional students who have hospital or clinical duties on weekends or work in critical care areas that require weekend attendance.  Some students have physical limitations that make traveling difficult, painful or uncomfortable. There are many, many other reasons students that students choose to attend our school. 

Distance education allows a student to work at their own pace within the requirements of the course. They do not lose time or information when they are unexpectedly delayed or when family or work emergencies keep them out of a classroom.  There are no travel expenses, parking problems or costs or expensive lunches and dinners on the fly to get to school on time.  

Best of all, distance education tends to produce superior results and the latest information shows that the majority of distance education students tend to excel at their studies.

The British Institute has taught distance education homeopathy since 1987.   A lot has changed regarding homeopathic education over the last 27 years.  Educational requirements have gotten much more comprehensive, clinical training is more essential now than it ever was and the online community has helped to pull us all together.

BIH also offers real clinics online.  When I was a student I had to travel over 200 miles one day a month for three years to get my clinical experience.  BIH clinics offer the student real people, real cases and new cases in real time to our students.  Students simply plug into our password-protected live streaming Internet broadcast and can watch all clinical proceedings from the privacy and comfort of their own home. Students can ask questions, interact with the client and participate in the case discussions right on their computer.  Of course, we always welcome visits from out students and would be happy to have you visit or attend in person.

The British Institute is pleased to be able to offer our students a top quality education. We are committed to you and are proving that commitment through the accrediting process which protects students from fly by night organizations and empty promises.